Mixed Reality Headgear Ready for 2017

Mixed Reality Headgear Ready for 2017

Although in development for some time, the mixed reality buzz began in 2016 when Microsoft released the Hololens to developers. A wearable item that uses haptic technology to convert the user’s touch into digital imagery creating a hybrid environment of virtual and real worlds. 2016 was also a busy year of production for many other developers who produced Mixed Reality …

What is Haptic Technology and Why is it Useful?

What is Haptic Technology and Why is it Useful?

A medical doctor who can experience the way their tools and patients feel in training simulations with virtual technology is using what is known as Haptic Technology. Simulating the sense of touch has many applications in a wide variety of industries like the medical industry, space exploration, video games, and more. Haptic Technology is becoming more refined, and the forecast …

Virtual Chief Information Officer | Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Five Tips for Hiring an Awesome VCIO

The position of a VCIO or Virtual Chief Information Officer serves to aid smaller companies who have the beginnings of a need for a traditional full-time CIO. To help bridge the gap between these initial stages and the future of your business’s success, we offer you five tips for hiring an awesome VCIO. Define Your Need for a VCIO First …

Go Go Go - Amazon Go

Go Go Go – Amazon Go!

For those who haven’t heard, Amazon is opening a store called ‘Amazon Go.’ Below is a quick compilation of information derived from watching the Amazon Go commercial on You Tube this past week: http://bit.ly/2hQOyYr What, Where, When Amazon Go is a food store for purchasing on the go items and food staples including but not limited to condiments, beverages and …


Virtual Reality in Broadcasting

How exciting is it to think about the future of 3D Broadcasting? The immersive aspects of 3D viewing are going to be the top priority for content consumers and dominate the future marketplace. The process of shooting 3D and VR content, known as stereoscopic 3D content, has been getting an innovative upgrade with new technologies and processes. Our minds do …

nab shanghai

MOG & Intrepid Data, Speakers @ NAB Shanghai 2016

MOG & Intrepid Data LLC will promote a speaking session about the Future Application of VR Technology at the Broadcast Industry. MOG Technologies, the leading provider of MXF development tools and centralized ingest solutions. NAB Show Shanghai, taking place from 6 to 9 December at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

white house ar

1600 – AR in your wallet

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has gone Augmented. The White House announced this week a new AR App “1600” narrated by the current Press Secretary Josh Earnest. This simple AR app delivers a clean experience of “1600 – A year at the White House” from start to finish. Simple download the app for iOS and Android devices, pull out a one dollar bill and …


Gamifying the IoT World

Intrepid Data designs platforms and enterprise systems that manage, monetize, operate, and extend IoT applications. Using gamification, Intrepid Data creates unique processes that generate and collect data revolving around people, places, activities and things. With Loyalty & Achievement Systems, gamification, predictive analytics, and interactive visualization, Intrepid Data implements distinctive products and solutions for their clients. Intrepid Data defines Gamification as …

internet of things

IoT EXPO 2015

Robert Endo Speaker @ the Internet of Things EXPO 2015 Santa Clara, CA