Design Your D2C Strategy

Direct-to-Consumer Platforms

Are you a company who sells products and services directly to customers? Intrepid Data has extensive D2C business experience and knows what components are critical for success. Let us design and construct your business platform where internal operations and client facing solutions can be seamlessly integrated, springing you to success.

Establish your sales platform.
A solid E-commerce system entails transferring funds, electronically interchanging data, and supply chain management. Transaction processing has to be fast, easy to use, and secure for clients. Intrepid Data takes your sales platform and turns it digital, by designing an e-commerce system including payment system installation, shopping carts, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Create a competitive advantage using geography.
Using GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Intrepid Data depicts time-context, human spatial activity with location-related data when constructing LBS platforms. Want to find out where everyone’s activities are, so you can tailor your services to meet their needs? Geospatial and Location Intelligence does just that, by combining relevant information from aerial maps, demographics, and business data for presenting in a visual format.

Streamline your supply chain.
Use analytics as a foundation for Supply Chain Management. Intrepid Data designs SCM software solutions to maximize operational efficiency and minimize shipping costs.



We implement our tools into your existing Enterprise adding efficiency and visibility to your entire supply chain.


ERP: CRM + Accounting

Electronically interchanging data, supply chain management, and transaction processing that is fast, easy to use, and secure for clients.

Asset Management

Hardware & Digital

Intrepid Data builds IT Asset Management, DAM (Digital Asset Management), MAM (Media Asset Management), & ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems.

Analytics & BI

Business Intelligence

Use Embedded & Predictive analytics to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and ultimately influencing consumer behavior.

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