Technology for Manufacturing

Got Tech-Style?

Components of manufacturing include product assembly, testing, cost management, and compliance - but what about looking at the big picture? Intrepid Data manufacturing solutions make your ideas tangible by constructing user-friendly, functional, and purposeful products.

Test out an idea.

Recent advancements in production technology provide designers the resources to have a higher level of creative liberty than ever before. Research and try out an idea before engaging in manufacturing to ensure the compatibility of a product. We utilize sketching, circuit board layout, BoM (Bill of Materials) documentation, and 3D modeling software during the prototyping and patent filing process.

Streamline your supply chain.
Use analytics as a foundation for Supply Chain Management. Intrepid Data designs SCM software solutions to maximize operational efficiency and minimize shipping costs.

Establish your sales platform.
A solid e-commerce system entails transferring funds, electronically interchanging data, and supply chain management. Transaction processing has to be fast, easy to use, and secure. Intrepid Data takes your sales platform and turns it digital, by designing an e-commerce system including payment system installation, shopping carts, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).


ERP: CRM + Accounting

Electronically interchanging data, supply chain management, and transaction processing that is fast, easy to use, and secure for clients.


Internet of Things

We help connect the globe by providing network connectivity to everyday devices and build tracking systems that follow the life cycle of an item.


Modeling & Manufacturing

We design and construct prototypes to ensure that products will be just right before engaging in the manufacturing process.



We implement our tools into your existing Enterprise, adding efficiency and visibility to your entire supply chain.

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