What's Trending in Broadcasting?

Broadcasting Services

What’s your workflow?
Logistical efficiency is a challenge when mapping out routes for media transportation. Retaining or enhancing content quality is essential. Intrepid Data designs and implements Ingest & Workflows by building DAM (Digital Assets Management) and MAM (Media Asset Management) software. Automate repetitive tasks, increase operation productivity, and contribute to improving the bottom line of your business.

Circumvent media traffic.

Send, receive, and store content in a secure environment. Smoothly transport data via the network to the end user with IP and ISP. Avoid potential disruption occurring from satellite usage. Have the ability to scale when employing Over-the-Top broadcasting, so your message can be local or go global. Intrepid Data helps businesses use OTT for successful content delivery.

Protect your content.
How do you protect your content from unauthorized viewing and sharing? Installing DRM services maximizes DLP (Data Loss Prevention). Use software programs for protecting your materials so they can only be accessed on particular networks and devices, at certain times. Intrepid Data also uses IRM (Information Rights Management) methods to keep confidential information secure during the DRM process.

Go virtual.

With all of the Virtual Reality viewing devices becoming available on the market, entertainment in a virtual world is now more accessible and affordable than ever. Broadcasting in VR has benefits including super high resolution, autonomous camera movement, and live streaming. Integrate these features into your media platform to provide viewers a holistic experience. Numerous industries benefit from adopting VR into their media services, including advertising, news, sports, and education. Don’t miss out on sharing your content in a virtual environment.


Digital Rights Management

Filming is only half the battle. Get informed about encoding, licensing, encryption, and device support.



Bypass broadcasting congestion. Deliver OTT content and hyper-targeted ads direct to your viewers.

Ingest & Workflows

Streamline Your Creative Assets

Automate repetitive tasks, increase operation productivity, and contribute to an improved bottom line for your business.

VR & 360°

Stereoscopic & Spherical

Virtual Reality has become the biggest trend in the broadcasting industry. Let's discuss your next VR project.

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