Product Design & Prototypes

Product Design

Product development starts with an accurate design reflecting great ideas. Recent advancements in production technology provide designers the resources to have a higher level of creative liberty than ever before. Let us uncomplicate the product design process, so your ideas can become a reality.


Prototyping is a crucial step in product development. Research and try out an idea before engaging in manufacturing to ensure compatibility of a product. R&D, sketching, circuit board layout, BoM (Bill of Materials) documentation, and 3D modeling software with CAD (Computer Aided Design) are processes and tools we utilize during the prototyping and patent filing process. Intrepid Data can also incorporate Mixed Reality into the design process, so you can virtually validate your product before manufacturing.


Unravel the complexity of manufacturing by having Intrepid Data design and implement the building process for your product. Product Data Management, Life Cycle Management, and Computer Aided Quality are some procedures and equipment that manage and certify that construction is occurring at the desired level of efficiency.