Custom Data Solutions

Custom Solutions

Do you need a solution to organize workflow, improve reporting, or integrate different systems? We listen to your business requirements before designing software-based custom solutions. We have experience integrating platforms with location based services, loyalty and achievement systems and asset management systems.

LBS (Location Based Services)

Use GIS (Geographic Information Systems), to depict time-context, human spatial activity with geographically referenced and location-related data. Want to find out where everyone’s activities are so you can tailor your services to meet their needs? Geospatial and Location Intelligence does just that, by combining relevant information from aerial maps, demographics, and business data for presenting in a visual format.

Loyalty & Achievement Systems

Offer various customer incentives including notice to new products, special sales, coupons and free items. Digitalize loyalty and rewards programs by building information locker systems with Asset Management Systems and cloud-based storage. Critical data leads to the design of rule-based achievement systems encouraging participation.

Our Loyalty and Achievement Services:

  • Lead to brand loyalty
  • Provide direct links to discounts and purchasing portals
  • Attract current and potential customers to your website
  • Help you discover what’s important to your customers
  • Improves gamification
  • Apply psychology in areas of: Intrinsic Motivation (IM) & Self-determination Theory (SDT)

Asset Management Systems

Improve the accessibility, aggregation, and security of your assets. We conduct an assessment before giving recommendations for IT infrastructure and management strategy. Installing services including MAM (Media Asset Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) ensure superior information processing and storage.

IT Asset Mgmt/ Inventory Management

  • Resource assessment
  • IT infrastructure selection and installation
  • Hardware management

DAM (Digital Asset Management)

  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)
  • Life cycle management

MAM (Media Asset Management)

  • Storage of audio, visual, and other media content
  • Decoding I/O (input/output) for asset media ingest
  • Augmented delivery options
  • Bandwidth, latency
  • Binary Large Object (BLOB) processing

ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

  • Enterprise wide strategy to Capture, manage, access, integrate, measure and store information