Creative Technology Solutions

Support Your Assets

Do you have the right Information Technology platform? Make your data work for you, by providing a secure system to retrieve, process and store information. Intrepid Data assesses your business requirements and responds by designing infrastructure solutions for supporting daily operations. Give your company the ability to scale, and have the right tools to provide the best service to your customers.

Be economical.
We tailor and implement an IT strategy to ensure your technologies are optimally running and serving as a catalyst for achieving business goals. What are your requirements for data storage, documentation, migrations, upgrades, and system administration? Intrepid Data conducts an assessment before designing a system to support your daily operations. QA (Quality Assurance), troubleshooting & remediation, and health checks are some of the services we provide during the building and management process.

Be safe.
How secure is your data? Intrepid Data custom builds security solutions including application security, Infosec (Information Security), business continuity planning and operational security.

IT Services

Workstations & Servers

Intrepid Data takes a tactical approach when analyzing business requirements to create the appropriate systems and support for your companies Information Technology needs.


Virtual Officers

Implementation of key strategies occurs to ensure that client’s technologies are optimally running and serving as a catalyst for achieving business goals.

Asset Management

Hardware & Digital

Intrepid Data builds IT Asset Management, DAM (Digital Asset Management), MAM (Media Asset Management), & ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems.

Ingest & Workflows

Streamline Creative Assets

Automate repetitive tasks, increase operation productivity, and contribute to an improved bottom line for your business.

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