Software Development

Make a website or build an app.
How do you want to build your website? Intrepid Data applies software methodologies including agile and XP, while constructing in a dynamic environment. Compatibility on the world wide web, eliminating glitches, fast load speed, and functional user interfaces are a given for internet sites. What will make you stand out? Camera accessibility, visual reporting, and interactive visualization are some methods for interacting with customers and growing your consumer base.

Graphic Design
Use a visual form of communication to send a message. We apply graphic design to create UI & UX, web design, motion graphics, games, illustrations, and more. Integrate graphic design into a business platform as a touch point for increasing impressions and interaction. Device compatibility, content navigation, and aesthetics are key considerations for reaching target markets.

Data Analytics and Reporting
Inform your customers about what they want before they even know. Apply analytical tools to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and ultimately influencing consumer behavior. We build statistically based algorithms used as benchmarks for forecasting consumer activity. Incorporating embedded analytics into websites and applications enables activity tracking, consolidated into user-friendly visual reporting. Tap into the value of data to increase channel revenue and find new opportunities for growth.

Encourage Effort.
Enhance learning with gamification. We build learning environments with gamification methods that encourage participation and make learning interactive. Apply gamification by using storyline and rules to boost user engagement. Our analytics services track user participation and document progress.


User Experience & User Interface

Whether you need a landing page or a login system for retrieving data from a cloud-based server, we have programming experience tackling web design projects of all sizes.

Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Development

Intrepid Data develops feature-rich, visually appealing apps for a range of platforms and devices, and formulate business strategies for your app that align with your business goals.


Gamifying Applications

Intrepid Data applies to game design elemental tools of play, rule development, storyline, and strategy.


Internet of Things

We help connect the globe by providing network connectivity to everyday devices and build tracking systems that follow the life cycle of an item.

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