Strategic Software Developers

Concept - Code - Publish

Make a website or build an app.
How do you want your website built? Intrepid Data applies software methodologies Agile and XP during the construction process. We focus on creating working product while allowing the flexibility of additional functionalities to guide future development. Content management, User Experience, data analytics, and programming specialties are some services we deploy during software development. Maximum compatibility on the World Wide Web, minimizing glitches from backend to frontend, solid core content construction, and functional user interfaces are just a few of the benefits you receive when engaging with Intrepid Data to build your application, website, or program.

Graphic Design and 3D Graphic Design.
Use design as a tool to communicate with your audience, by forming a visual connection when projecting an idea. Integrate graphic design into your business platform. Intrepid Data makes visual content compatible with different viewing devices, and invents processes for content navigation.

Design, Build, & Manage.
Our strategy for web and application development consists of a three-step process which provides the opportunity for continuous improvements. The world today moves at a faster pace than ever before. Our strategy reflects a continuous change, so our clients can benefit from the most up to date technological resources.


User Experience & User Interface

Whether you need a landing page or a login system for retrieving data from a cloud-based server, we have programming experience tackling web design projects of all sizes.

Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Development

Intrepid Data develops feature-rich, visually appealing apps for a range of platforms and devices, and formulate business strategies for your app that align with your business goals.


Gamifying Applications

Intrepid Data applies to game design elemental tools of play, rule development, storyline, and strategy.


Internet of Things

We help connect the globe by providing network connectivity to everyday devices and build tracking systems that follow the life cycle of an item.

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