Health and Life Sciences

Make Healthy Living Count

Apply technology to increase quality healthcare. Intrepid Data tackles the challenges of health and life sciences for supply chain, enterprise systems, IT services and treatment programs.

Streamline your supply chain.
Use analytics as a foundation for Supply Chain Management. Intrepid Data designs SCM software solutions to maximize operational efficiency and minimize shipping costs.

Give network connectivity to devices and tools.
Document, send and receive information in real time about nutrition, drug dosage, exercise, and vitals monitoring. We use best practices and follow compliance, so medical data safely processes on your information platform.

Make health virtual.
Virtual Reality provides innovative medical solutions. Fully immerse a patient in treatment built with Augmented or Virtual Reality to increase participation. Intrepid Data creates AR and VR software using Asset Management Systems and cloud-based storage, for transporting patient information in a secure environment.


Internet of Things

We help connect the globe by providing network connectivity to everyday devices and build tracking systems that follow the life cycle of an item.

Analytics & BI

Business Intelligence

Use Embedded & Predictive analytics to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and ultimately influencing consumer behavior.


Digital Realities

Apply Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed realities to make an impact. These realities are immersing the end user by encouraging participation and results.

IT Services

Workstations & Servers

Intrepid Data takes a tactical approach when analyzing business requirements, to create the appropriate systems and support for your companies Information Technology needs.

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