IT Solutions

Hiring a VCIO/VCTO fulfills your IT core competencies without having to hire a full-time seasoned executive. Intrepid Data consults, designs, and manages custom designed solutions, so our clients get the most out of their IT spend. Streamlining processes, optimizing efficiency, global compliance and upgrading workflows are some ways we tackle challenges for our customers.

Cloud Computing
Welcome to the cloud! Benefits include security, cost-efficiency and scalability. We perform an assessment to determine what type of cloud solution is the best fit to handle your company’s operations.

Cyber Security
Be safe. We secure your assets by installing the right cyber security system to protect your company’s valuable data. Information security, disaster security, and application recovery are all important components of your security system.

Affiliate & Reseller
Let Intrepid Data take on your IT license stack. From Azure & Office 365 to WordPress & ZoHo, Intrepid Data's suite of managed licenses can save you time, resources, and headaches. IntrepidData is affiliated with the best in class SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS providers. We centralize your IT infrastructure license and partner with you to execute successful collaborative rollouts for all IT environments within your organization.