Toy and Game Development

Technological Toys

Graphic Design and 3D Graphic Design.
Use design as a tool to communicate with your audience, by forming a visual connection when projecting an idea. Integrate graphic design into your toy and game idea. Intrepid Data makes visual content compatible with different viewing devices, multiple environments, and invents processes for content navigation.

Test out an idea.
Recent advancements in production technology provide designers the resources to have a higher level of creative liberty than ever before. Research and try out an idea before engaging in manufacturing to ensure the compatibility of your toy and game idea. We utilize sketching, circuit board layout, BoM (Bill of Materials) documentation, and 3D modeling software using CAD (Computer Aided Design) during the prototyping and patent filing process.

Establish your sales platform.
A solid E-commerce system entails transferring funds, electronically interchanging data, and supply chain management. Transaction processing has to be fast, easy to use, and secure for clients. Intrepid Data takes your sales platform and turns it digital, by designing an e-commerce system including payment system installation, shopping carts, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Game Design


Creative and accurate design helps to create games that are aesthetically pleasing, so the feel of your game remains consistent in different environments.


Modeling & Manufacturing

We design and construct prototypes to ensure that products will be just right before engaging in the manufacturing process.


Sourcing & Producing

Unravel the complexity of producing a game by having Intrepid Data design and implement the manufacturing process for your product.


Gamifying Applications

Intrepid Data applies to game design elemental tools of play, rule development, storyline, and strategy.

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