Technology Consulting

Intrepid Data specializes in different types of technology consulting. Whether it’s the need to streamline your broadcasting workflow or improve supply chain efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

Streaming, ingesting, and workflows.
Need someone to help you share your content on a global scale? Intrepid Data is a full-service broadcasting consultant who can advise you through the entire transmission process.

Make it Real.
Recent advancements in production technology provide designers the resources to have a higher level of creative liberty than ever before. Research and try out an idea before engaging in manufacturing to ensure the compatibility of a product. We utilize sketching, circuit board layout, BoM (Bill of Materials) documentation, and 3D modeling software using CAD (Computer Aided Design) during the prototyping and patent filing process.

Optimize your distribution.
Use analytics as a foundation for Supply Chain Management. Intrepid Data designs SCM software solutions to maximize operational efficiency and minimize shipping costs.

Organize and manage IT solutions.
Hiring a VCIO/VCTO fulfills your IT core competencies without having to hire a full-time seasoned executive. Intrepid Data consults, designs, and manages custom designed solutions, so our clients get the most out of their IT spend. Streamlining processes, optimizing efficiency, global compliance and upgrading workflows are some ways we tackle challenges for our customers.

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