Top Notch Programmers

Website Development

Whether your business needs a simple landing page or a complex login system for retrieving data from a cloud-based server, our programming services can tackle website development projects of all sizes.

Website development services

  • Agile development methodology
  • Application of different languages including Java, PHP, C++, Python, Ruby, HTML 5, Sass, SQL, CSS and more
  • Compatibility with different devices including mobile and desktop
  • Responsive design
  • Data management with server and cloud-based storage accessibility
  • Workflow strategy and implementation
  • Development for Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap, SharePoint, jQuery
  • E-commerce systems

Mobile Applications

There’s a lot to think about when building an app. Before integrating back end with front end interfaces developers are responsible for producing a functional workflow. We use software development methodologies including Agile and XP during the construction process and focus on creating a working product while allowing the flexibility of additional functionalities to guide future development.

Mobile App services

  • Functionality features
  • Camera accessibility
  • Augmented Reality
  • Database retrieval and storage
  • Device storage
  • Device compatibility
    • Apple
    • Android
  • IT Asset Management/Inventory Management
  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
  • LBS (Location Based Services)
  • Interactive Visualization