Why should you adapt game concepts into your company culture and consumer offerings? Gamification is for more than just playing games. Implementing game mechanics including rules, constructs, processes and methods into reality engages people. Accomplish consumer interaction in a variety of environments, including mobile applications and social media. Bring advertising dollars direct to consumer with real-time analytics by using gamification. Apply tools of play, rule development, story line, strategy, and psychology. Construct an enjoyable and educational environment about your products and services. Market directly to live users based on their location, current interests, and behavior.

We combine LBS (Location Based Services), Loyalty & Achievement systems, and Interactive Visualization. Want to find out what everyone’s favorite activities are so you can tailor your services to meet their needs? Intrepid Data depicts time-context, human spatial activity with location related information. Critical data leads to the design of rule-based achievement systems. Offer consumer incentives including notice to new products, special sales, coupons, and free items. Digitalize loyalty and rewards programs by combining relevant information for presentation in a visually interactive format.