Data & Reporting


A key element to data and reporting, applying data analytics identifies trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and ultimately influencing consumer behavior. What are your customers doing? How are they interacting with you? What do they want? What factors influence their purchases? Incorporating analytics into your daily operations answers these questions, allowing you to make first-class business decisions. Whether you need top-to-bottom, creation-to-support or a hybrid of analytics services Intrepid Data implements the correct strategy to find the answers you need. Read below to learn more about our data and reporting services.

Incorporating the embedded analyzation process into websites and services leads to activity tracking, documentation, and reporting of user actions through multiple tools. Intrepid Data seamlessly builds the embedded process into websites and applications, so activities are collected and consolidated into user-friendly visual reporting.
Inform your customers about what they want before they even know. Have the ability to make suggestions that increase sales. Post information collection, data is pooled and sorted from various sources before there is a search process for patterns and trends in user activity. Intrepid Data builds statistically based algorithms used as benchmarks for forecasting consumer activity. These predictions are used to make product and service suggestions to consumers in a digital environment.

BI (Business Intelligence)

Perform a multilayered analysis of data for providing quick reporting, calculations, and forecasting abilities. BI is a background technology that pulls data from disparate systems. Data is then mined through to answer your specific questions, avoiding time-consuming research. Visually driven queries lead directly to what you’re looking for rather than an irrelevant list of options. Filtering enables faster reporting so organizations can accelerate the speed of business making decisions.

Search Based Data Discovery

Improve your search engine with a process delivering quick and relevant results. Find what you are looking for, by just clicking a search button. Intrepid Data provides the end user with an application that displays information in a visually interactive format. A suite of reporting tools can include static and parameter reporting, dashboards and pivot tables, and geographical maps.

Interactive Visualization

Interactive Visualization allows organizations to communicate their data in graphical format. At the enterprise level, an interactive map enables employees to learn information by simply touching or clicking on the map. A fitness application using Interactive Visualization turns a morning run into an exercise game involving virtual terrain, obstacles and a points system encouraging a more productive workout. How is all of this done? Intrepid Data makes organized data accessible on a platform for viewing in an interactive format. The process allows for different types of devices to connect to a platform where interaction with digital objects occurs in real-time.