Learning with VR

Enhance Learning with Technology

Be a catalyst for meeting your institution’s education goals. We build environments for learning that encourage participation, are rich in content, and make students crave learning. Intrepid Data also builds data systems for tackling your administration, documentation, and data storage needs.

Protect your assets.

Every business needs the appropriate IT infrastructure to support daily operations and protect their assets. Intrepid Data custom designs systems which utilize the right hardware and software for networking, data storage, and communication platforms. Make your education data work for you, by providing a secure system to retrieve, process and store information. We assess your business requirements and respond by designing the right infrastructure solutions.

Encourage Effort.

Apply gamification by using storyline, strategy, and rules to increase participation and boost user engagement. Our analytics services track and document user participation, so you know when your gamified applications are making the pay-off.


Digital Realities

Apply Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed realities to make an impact. These realities are taking the world by immersing the end user and encouraging participation and results.


Virtual Officers

Implementation of key strategies occurs to ensure that client’s technologies are optimally running and serving as a catalyst for achieving business goals.

IT Services

Workstations & Servers

Intrepid Data takes a tactical approach when analyzing business requirements to create the appropriate systems and support for your companies Information Technology needs.


Gamifying Applications

Intrepid Data applies to game design elemental tools of play, rule development, storyline, and strategy.

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