Enterprise Resource Planning

Get paid.
Does your website sell goods or services? A solid E-Commerce platform entails transferring funds, digitally interchanging data, and supply chain management. Transaction processing must be fast, user friendly, and secure. Intrepid Data takes your sales platform and turns it digital, by designing an E-Commerce system including payment system installation, shopping carts, and Electronic Data Interchange.

Make your data work for you.
Inform your customers about what they want before they even know. Apply analytical tools to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and ultimately influencing consumer behavior. We build statistically based algorithms used as benchmarks for forecasting consumer activity. Incorporating embedded analytics into websites and applications enables activity tracking, consolidated into user-friendly visual reporting. Tap into the value of data to increase channel revenue and find new opportunities for growth. Intrepid Data provides a suite of reporting tools including static and parameter reporting, dashboards and pivot tables, and geographical maps. Our systems organize large amounts of data, for becoming accessible on a platform that is viewable in an interactive format.

The future is here.
Add digital objects to your natural environment and view through mobile devices. Overlay content on people’s everyday settings. Be engaged in a 3D simulated reality with customized software. Apply AR, VR, and MR to more than just entertainment, but also other industry sectors including life sciences, education, retail, and marketing.

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