ERP Developers

Enterprise System Management

Get paid.
Is the purpose of your website to sell products or services? Intrepid Data are ERP developers who build platforms responsible for completing the purchase cycle with e-commerce systems that specifically fulfills the needs of their customers – including security, speed, and compatibility on multiple devices.

Make your data work for you.
Our Business Intelligence systems perform a multilayered analysis to provide quick reporting, calculations, and forecasting abilities. Intrepid Data mines through data to answer your specific questions, avoiding time-consuming research. Improve your search engine with a process delivering rapid and relevant results. Intrepid Data provides a suite of reporting tools including static and parameter reporting, dashboards and pivot tables, and geographical maps. Our systems organize large amounts of data, for becoming accessible on a platform that is viewable in an interactive format.

Have the right answer.
Organize workflow, improve reporting, or integrate different systems to clarify daily activity and progress. Engaging with Intrepid Data to build your enterprise solution yields the ability to improve performance, including lower operational cost and and revenue increase.

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