Graphic Design, 3D Graphic Design

Use design as a tool to communicate with your audience, by forming a visual connection when projecting an idea. Integrate graphic design into your business platform. Intrepid Data makes visual content compatible with different viewing devices, and invents processes for content navigation.

IxD (Interaction Design), UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience)

There is a big difference between how something looks, and how it works. We listen to your goals before building a product from the inside out. The results are functional, engaging, and easy to use programs. Make visual content compatible with different viewing devices, invent processes for content navigation, and take a comprehensive approach to making the user experience positive and educational. Building applications for today mean they incorporate IxD, UI and UX techniques and methodologies reflecting a global culture with a higher amount of mobility than ever.

Game Design

Intrepid Data creates physical and digital game experiences. Game characters remain consistent in both physical and digital environments. Use design to attract attention and entice participation. We apply game mechanics including rules, constructs, processes, and methods to engage the end user.