Supply Chain Optimization

Streamline your supply chain.
Are you moving product from point A to B in the fastest and least expensive way? Apply analytics to supply chain management. Intrepid Data designs SCM software solutions and updates legacy systems to minimize shipping costs and improve efficiency. We assess operations, shipping methods, in and outbound logistics, and inventory management. The results of our KPI research are used to determine how to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

Create a competitive advantage with geography.
We apply Geographic Information Systems to depict time context, human spatial activity with location related data. Want to know your consumers activities so you can tailor your services to meet their needs? Geospatial and location intelligence does just that, by combining data from aerial maps, demographics, and business data to present in a visual format.

Data Analytics and Reporting
Inform your customers about what they want before they even know. Apply analytical tools to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and ultimately influencing consumer behavior. We build statistically based algorithms used as benchmarks for forecasting consumer activity. Incorporating embedded analytics into websites and applications enables activity tracking, consolidated into user-friendly visual reporting. Tap into the value of data to increase channel revenue and find new opportunities for growth.

Asset Management Systems
Improve the accessibility and security of your assets. We conduct an assessment before giving recommendations for IT infrastructure and asset management strategy. Installing services including Media/Digital Asset Management and Enterprise Content Management ensure top quality data processing and storage.

Data Discovery

Search Based Algorithms

Find what you are looking for by searching for patterns and accurate information within large amounts of data, by simply clicking the search button.


Location Based Services

Aggregate geographically referenced and location-related data from a variety of sources, and use visualization to display your desired search results.



We implement our tools into your existing Enterprise, adding efficiency and visibility to your entire supply chain.

Analytics & BI

Business Intelligence

Use Embedded & Predictive analytics to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and ultimately influencing consumer behavior.

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