Awesome Software Development

Looking to build and application, website or game? We are software developers and website designers who specialize in application development, website design, graphic design, game development, and more.

Develop the right software.
Intrepid Data interweaves software and technology services when building solutions so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Ranging from program development to platform and integration, our resources give us the ability to produce a full spectrum of products including websites, applications, and software solutions.

Boost user engagement.
Need to increase consumer traffic in your business? Implement game mechanics into websites and apps including rules of play, storyline, and strategy to engage users. Gamification is for more than playing games.

Locating, building, organizing, and processing.
When constructing LBS platforms, Intrepid Data depicts time-context, human spatial activity with geographically referenced data. Critical data leads to designing systems that address your customers needs. Cloud-based storage options improve the accessibility and security of your assets.

Stay ahead of the curve with that latest technology.
Add digital objects to your natural environment and view with mobile devices. Be engaged in a simulated reality with your own custom software. Make your products smart by providing network identity and trackability. We apply AR, VR, MR, and IoT technologies to create new product channels and revenue streams.