Virtual Technologies


We love AR. Overlay graphic content on top of everyday settings. Intrepid Data produces all types of AR including marker, projection, location, overlay, and contour based. View through mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. The world is your oyster when it comes to AR.


Be fully engaged in 3D computer simulated reality. VR is a fun and cost effective way to get things done! Attend a live concert, training simulation, or go on a date using virtual reality technology. We build compatible software for virtual viewing devices that increase user engagement and productivity.

Take a fresh approach to your strategy by implementing VR into your campaign. The try before you buy concept can now happen without having to visit the store. Apply VR to different marketing contexts including websites, promotional materials, and social media.


Mixed Reality is a hybrid environment where the virtual world and reality co-exist. Cool, huh? Recruiting and screening, interactive marketing, training, and engineering are some ways that business is starting to see the benefits of MR. We conduct a cost benefit analysis to discover savings from integrating MR into your business operations.

Save time, money, and materials. Brainstorm and construct prototypes with mixed reality software. We build programs incorporating exact weight, measurements, colors, and item appearance so building and designing becomes fast and easy.


Want the ability to control devices via the internet? Connected objects perform actions conducted by you through the network. Make your everyday assets smart by providing network identity and trackability. We design IoT platforms that are an operational base for sending, storing, and receiving data.

Digitally control amenities including temperature, water usage, lighting, and security systems. Monitoring home energy usage can save money! Go on vacation without having to hire a house sitter to water your plants. Adjust your condo’s temperature when spending a late night at the office. The benefits of including IoT in home based devices are endless.