About Us

Why We Do IT

We are business technology providers who believe in reinventing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve, so that’s what we do for our clients. We design solutions to have both short and long-term benefits, helping to result in growth and sustainability. Creating products and services that make our clients stand out in the marketplace is our favorite thing to do! Many businesses have gaps in the way they deal with the collection and processing of continuous data. Our goal is to close the gaps.

Our Mission and Vision

Intrepid Data is a full-service developer who builds platforms for web-based applications. Our mission: We organically innovate to create a competitive advantage for our clients. Our Vision: To design, build, and manage products and services that become leaders in their respective industries.

Our Values


is how we grow our company


happens because we hire people that we want to work for


is involving our clients every step of the way


is why we are excited to come to work every day


is how we create the best products


is why we have the ability to see the big picture

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