Make a website or build an app.
Since January 2023, 61% of the internet is accessed via mobile devices. That means if your website isn’t compatible for mobility, you could be in big trouble. Compatibility on the world wide web, eliminating glitches from front end to back end, solid core content construction, and user-friendly interfaces are expected by today’s consumers.

Analytics improve customer service.
Inform your customers about what they want before they even know. Apply analytical tools to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and ultimately influencing consumer behavior. We build statistically based algorithms used as benchmarks for forecasting consumer activity. Incorporating embedded analytics into websites and applications enables activity tracking, consolidated into user-friendly visual reporting. Tap into the value of data to increase channel revenue and find new opportunities for growth.

Asset Management Systems
Improve the accessibility and security of your assets. We conduct an assessment before giving recommendations for IT infrastructure and asset management strategy. Installing services including Media/Digital Asset Management and Enterprise Content Management ensure top quality data processing and storage.

Have an IT strategy wired for success.
Hiring a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (VCTO) fulfills your IT core competencies without having to hire a full-time seasoned executive. We build and manage IT platforms, so you get the most out of your IT spending. Key strategies are implemented to ensure technologies are optimally running and serving as a catalyst for achieving business goals.

Asset Managment

Hardware & Digital

Intrepid Data builds IT Asset Management, DAM (Digital Asset Management), MAM (Media Asset Management), & ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems.

Mobile Apps

Cross Platform Development

Intrepid Data develops feature-rich, visually appealing apps for a range of platforms and devices, and formulate strategies for your app that align with your business goals.

Data Discovery

Search Based Algorithms

Find what you are looking for by searching for patterns and accurate information within large amounts of data, by simply clicking the search button.

Analytics & BI

Business Intelligence

Use Embedded & Predictive analytics to identify trends by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and ultimately influencing consumer behavior.

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