Gamifying the IoT World

Intrepid Data designs platforms and enterprise systems that manage, monetize, operate, and extend IoT applications. Using gamification, Intrepid Data creates unique processes that generate and collect data revolving around people, places, activities and things. With Loyalty & Achievement Systems, gamification, predictive analytics, and interactive visualization, Intrepid Data implements distinctive products and solutions for their clients.

Intrepid Data defines Gamification as “Bringing game elements and game mechanics into the real world”. Have you ever received a star on a homework assignment, or had your sandwich card punched at Subway? The stars and punches are simple examples of applied Gamification. These mechanics behind Gamification are what make points and rewards systems possible.  Digitalize these examples into Loyalty & Achievement Systems to enhance your IoT engagement. Individuals that use health tracker wristbands can now receive data regarding their health in real time. They can submit this data to their online account, and in some cases have the data transmitted directly to their Doctor’s patient portal.

UPS and FedEx track over 19 million package deliveries daily. Each and every package is scanned by an IoT device on average of 9 times until the item arrives at its’ final destination. Most packages have Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) clauses and are free if delivered after their delivery schedule. That’s an example of Gamification with IoT at a global scale. As technology advances Gamification with IoT is reaching new heights, and will only serve to provide more valuable data and revenue streams.

IoT Product & Services offered by Intrepid Data:

Gamification Services

Custom designed Loyalty & Achievement Systems are added to the current environment to create a more robust user experience. Play in Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality for added immersion using a cell phone, computer, Oculus Rift, Vive or HoloLens.

Interactive Visualization

Transform large quantities of disparate information into comprehensible and manageable data, visually identifying what clients are doing through data analysis.  Using different types of human interface devices to connect with customers, increase the visibility of products and services by filtering and displaying information through a powerful visual presentation.

Embedded Analytics

Identify both client and customer market trends, collect data, generate reports, and provide a platform where configured data can be easily accessed. Run continual support, backup services, and 24-hour system monitoring.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Implement a multilayered analysis of data that provides quick reporting, calculations, and forecasting abilities. Aggregate data to relieve manual report editing, and search and retrieve information in a variety of formats. Improve information sharing within an organization and accelerate the speed of business making decisions.

Quantified Self Using Predictive Analytics

Short and long-term collected data based on custom made algorithms determine future behavior. Implement game mechanics to predict what factors will change and augment actions over time, and also incorporate a loyalty and rewards system that encourages people’s habits. Ensures customer reliability by creating competitive knowledge of the marketplace.

Industrial Design Engineering

Bringing clients’ ideas to life from design to manufacturing, by developing both software and hardware components of products. Incorporating IoT, data analytics, gamification, loyalty and rewards, and rule-based systems.


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Robert Endo is the founder and Engagement Manager of Intrepid Data, LLC, a full-service developer that builds platforms for web-based applications.