Virtual Reality in Broadcasting

How exciting is it to think about the future of 3D Broadcasting? The immersive aspects of 3D viewing are going to be the top priority for content consumers and dominate the future marketplace. The process of shooting 3D and VR content, known as stereoscopic 3D content, has been getting an innovative upgrade with new technologies and processes.

Our minds do a lot to participate in 3D viewing experiences. The idea behind stereoscopic 3D content involves filming and sharing two slightly different points of view and then our brains and visual processing systems fill in the missing links give these two images depth.

There are cameras and newly developed tools capable of recording 3D content at a 6k resolution that can now be streamed live and on demand.. Whether you’re watching a pro- wrestling match or a fashion show on the runways of Paris, the sensations felt by viewers will leave them feeling like they were there. What do you want to see, and where do you want to go?

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