Internet of Things (IoT)

Want the ability to operate devices via the internet? Digitally direct IoT connected objects to perform actions conducted by you through the network. Make your everyday assets smart by providing network identity and trackability. Intrepid Data designs IoT platforms serving as an operational base for sending, storing, and receiving data.

IoT platforms digitally operate amenities including temperature control, water usage, lighting, and security systems. Monitoring home activities either on an automatic or manual basis leads to significant energy and cost savings. Go on vacation without having to hire a house sitter to water your plants. Adjust your condo’s temperature when spending a late night at the office to save energy expenditure. The benefits of including IoT services in new home construction and existing buildings are endless.
Document, send and receive information in real time about nutrition, drug dosage, exercise, and vitals monitoring. E-Mail your physician blood pressure results from home, saving you a trip to the exam office. Digitally submit physical therapy activity from exercise devices for doctor approval. We use best practices and follow compliance, so medical data safely processes on your information platform.
Give and object the ability to connect to the internet. Wearing an accessory that can send, store and receive data allows users to leave their computer at home, saving time and energy. Be on the go and send information which is saved and forwarded to your primary data storage system. Access what you want to know anytime, anywhere.
Employ technology giving manufacturing machinery the censored ability to adjust supply and demand, and report production progress to management in real-time. IoT in a production setting results in operational efficiency and proper energy utilization. Incorporating IoT into the manufacturing process gives any business the ability to scale, and plan for the future with precision.