Software Development, Website Construction & Mobile Applications

How do you want your program built? When programming Intrepid Data uses software development methodologies including Agile and XP during the construction process. We focus on creating working product while allowing the flexibility of additional functionalities to guide future development. Content management, User Experience, data analytics, and programming specialties are some services we deploy when producing your product. Maximum compatibility on the World Wide Web, minimizing glitches from backend to frontend, solid core content construction, and functional user interfaces are just a few of the benefits you receive when engaging with Intrepid Data to build your application, website, or program.

Game Development

Do you want your game to retain a presence in the marketplace? Transition your game into different environments including board games, video games, and interactive digital advertising. Game development consists of making your game compatible with the right types of embedded and digital technologies for your product. Intrepid Data gets innovative when conceptualizing game concepts to ensure cool game ideas become a reality. Whether it’s internet streamed or disc/download to console; we have the ability to make games playable in both standard and 3D environments. We combine Gamification, Game Development, and Game Design, to produce games with high compatibility.