Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a 3D computer simulated reality, created by wearing headsets that fully immerse the user in their environment. The use of haptic technology incorporates tactile sensors, converting physical touch into digital reality during usage. Intrepid Data designs Virtual Reality programs compatible with the many headsets currently becoming available on the market.

Make learning interactive. Provide the opportunity for geographical transformations, and encourage effort by applying Gamification and Loyalty & Achievement systems. Take a history lesson while sitting in on the actual event, or solve a mathematical equation boosting participation with a points and rewards system. Incorporate VR into your classroom to maximize learning potential, in a challenging and fun environment.
Take a fresh approach to your marketing experience. Implementing VR into your campaign magnifies the message. Entice viewers to take an interest in learning about products and services, in a fun and engaging environment. Intrepid Data applies VR in different marketing contexts including websites, promotional materials, and social media. Influence the right way by advertising with VR.
Virtual Reality provides innovative medical solutions. Fully immerse a patient in treatment built with Virtual Reality to increase participation. Intrepid Data creates VR software using Asset Management Systems and cloud-based storage, for transporting patient information in secure environment. Doctors receive patient information real-time, so they can evaluate patients either remotely or in-office.
Don’t miss out on what is becoming the hottest trend in gaming. Intrepid Data makes games for different VR headsets, so games are compatible with multiple devices and environments. We combine 3D graphic design with other resources including (UxD) User Design, (UI) Interface, and (UX) Experience. Produce programs that deliver all the details of your game to the end user. Apply Gamification, Game Design, and Game Development to the game environment, creating a challenging and fun atmosphere.
Strategy, training and simulated environments become more real than ever when using VR. Incorporate Haptic technology into programs resulting in touch sensors, so device users gain experience when learning procedures in particular environments. Level assessments are completed based on performance, assigning users to the appropriate difficulty level. Participant information is sent and stored in real-time, in a secure environment.