Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR)

A hybrid environment where actual and 3D objects exist simultaneously, developing with Mixed Reality is how to stay ahead of the curve. Custom design programs using Mixed Reality software tailoring to your company’s educational needs, resulting in optimum productivity from team members. With the increasing amount of MR headsets that are becoming available on the market, it’s advantageous to design unique and practical solutions for consumers with MR.

Engineers, Architects, and Manufacturers can save time, money, and materials. Brainstorm and construct initial prototypes with Mixed Reality headgear. Intrepid Data builds programs incorporating exact weight, measurements, colors, and item appearance, so building and designing become faster and easier.
Design a game that has characters interacting with your real environment. Intrepid Data makes games for different MR headsets, so games are compatible with multiple devices and environments. We combine 3D graphic design with other resources including (UxD) User Design, (UI) Interface, and (UX) Experience. Produce programs delivering all the details of your game to the end user. Apply Gamification, Game design, and Game Development, creating a challenging and fun atmosphere.