Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR)

Intrepid Data builds programs with augmented reality to make an impact in the marketplace. Add digital objects to your natural environment, and view through mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Manipulate objects with real-time movement. Deliver an impactful message with a strong visual effect, by overlaying content on top of people’s everyday settings. Don’t miss out on using Augmented Reality to have a positive impact on your customers.

Take a fresh approach to your marketing experience. Implementing AR into your campaign magnifies the message. Entice viewers to take interest in learning about products and services, in a fun and engaging environment. Intrepid Data applies AR in different marketing contexts including websites, promotional materials, and social media. Influence the right way by advertising with AR.
Directions are more fun using AR. Increase accessibility of your business location by providing directions, location listing, services, and reviews. We incorporate LBS (Location Based Services) and POI (Point of Interest) when producing AR maps. Utilize geographically referenced data to generate an interactive visual display of desired search results. Intrepid Data builds AR programs that are compatible with multiple device brands.
Gamification is for more than just gaming. Utilizing storyline, strategy, and playing rules increase participation when interlacing Gamification with Augmented Reality. Watch your investment pay off in real-time by seeing customers engage in AR advertisements. Intrepid Data’s Analytics services track and document user participation, so you know when your gamified AR applications are making the pay-off.