Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)/Virtual Chief Technology Officer (VCTO)

Hiring a VCIO/VCTO fulfills your IT core competencies without having to hire a full-time seasoned executive. Intrepid Data consults, designs, and manages custom designed solutions, so our clients get the most out of their IT spend. Implementation of key strategies occurs to ensure technologies are optimally running and serving as a catalyst for achieving business goals.

Is your IT spend exceeding your revenue? Intrepid Data conducts a cost-benefit analysis to look for savings opportunities and areas of improvement before designing a budget fitting within your company’s parameters. The right fit for technology equipment and services within your business will play a vital role in profit maximization, by supporting daily operations and customer needs.
Researching, purchasing, and installing network equipment can be time-consuming and energy draining. Correctly installing a system requires the multi-step approach of consulting, purchasing, installing, testing, maintaining, and upgrading. Every company should have an IT system that supports their operational requirements and has a best fit within the geographical layout of their workplace. Choosing Intrepid Data to handle all of your networking needs, means you don’t have to worry about working for your computer every again.
Digital data entry, documentation, and storage are how the majority of today’s business store information. Choosing the right cloud-based storage and security system can be a dizzying and time-consuming experience. Intrepid Data investigates your information load and handling requirements before selecting and installing information systems. Having the right system is vital to providing your company the ability to scale in a secure data environment.
Enhance information flow at your workplace. Intrepid Data updates software, hardware, and processes to improve the handling of data. We recommend current and next generation technology solutions that follow global compliance, are secure and meet policy requirements.